Welcome to our Web pages devoted to a freeware logical game “Quadrax VIII”. You may have ever heard about this game or not? If you have heard, believe me that this is a continuation of previous Quadrax (III - VII) from the years 2000 - 2010. Nonetheless, this is still Quadrax like everybody knows it. Or if you haven’t heard of it, there is more than time to change it!

However, if you do not have any experience with Quadrax games, I don't recommendned Quadrax VIII to test, because it is really hardest puzzle game on the world. In this case, recommend starting with Quadrax IV ( and after you finis him, so you can think of a play Quadrax V and next. Without experience from previous Quadraxs you haven't any chance! Really. :-)

Some commercial games have playtime only a few hours... Free game Quadrax VIII have playtime much longer than 99% commercial titles!

One hundred levels in ten totally different environments are waiting to be explored and solved! Good luck!
To download this game, go to the Download section.

You can support making of Quadraxs games via donation.

This pages is about Quadrax VIII. If you are looking for another Quadrax version, they are located here:
Quadrax III (The secrets of Congo /CZ only)
Quadrax IV (The secrets of pyramid)
Quadrax V (Mayan riddles)
Quadrax VI (Treasures of Atlantis)
Quadrax VII (Quest of Laputa)
Quadrax X (Tribute to Quadrax 1)
Quadrax Neverending

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